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Hi! I'm Prishen Sivanarain better known as “The Vegetarian Bodybuilder”. At the tender age of 13 I made the decision to become a Vegetarian. With bodybuilding being my passion, I studied Sports Science at University of KwaZulu Natal, and successfully completed a Diploma in Personal Nutriion. Despite being vegetarian, I've won multiple bodybuilding competitions at many different federations at provincial level including IFBB, NABBA and PCA and have also competed nationally. By competing in the super heavyweight division (100kgs+), I've proven that being a vegetarian and being a successful bodybuilder is not mutually exclusive. I've been an inspiration to others and have been actively involved in the bodybuilding industry for the past 10 years in a competitive as well as a coaching capacity. 

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BSc Sport Science (UKZN)

Nutritional Advisor (HFPA)

Weight Management Coach (HFPA)

Diploma in Personal Nutrition (Shaw Academy)

11 x 1st Bodybuilding Placings 

2 x 2nd Bodybuilding Placings

6 x 3rd Bodybuilding Placings



Fit Girl

Cherise Govender

"Prishen has been an invaluable source of advice, motivation, inspiration and guidance throughout my fitness journey.  I have been with him for five years now and have seen significant results. As a female who is vegetarian and with a fast metabolism, it was difficult to find someone to take my goals of weight gain and muscle building seriously. Prishen has utilized his broad industry knowledge and experience to tailor eating and training plans suited to my needs which assisted me in achieving and even surpassing my fitness goals over the years. It is wonderful working with a coach who is truly passionate about what he does and is able to believe in the potential and vision of his client. "


Prean Naidoo

"Training under the guidance and supervision of  Prishen has been nothing but epic! The most important lesson I’ve learnt thus far is “ where the mind goes, the body follows” and in saying that I have achieved wonders at the gym by breaking personal records as well having a firm grasp on my day to day activities outside the gym. The programs that have been developed for me are relentless! Being vegetarian there used to be many myths and obstacles in my path, however the expertise of my coach has allowed me to see and experience a whole new dimension of the nutritional game. As much as the client has to be consistent at all times, Prishen’s commitment to me is unmatched! He always follows up on my training and nutrition and not forgetting to ask a simple question of 

“ How are you?” which speaks volumes of him. He’s ability to adapt, adjust and accommodate to my needs is without a doubt admirable! I assure future clients that once you sign up, he will ensure that you finally experience the superpowers hidden within you!"

Healthy Morning

Fadil, MMA Athlete

"Thanks Prishen for the detailed eating plan and taking the time out of your day to answer all my questions . Your after sales service and commitment to your clients is a rare commodity now days. Keep up the good work and thank you for the consistent motivation."



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